Mallet Keyboard Ranges

Confused about what mallet instrument to buy? Check out my info sheet with popular options to suit your child’s experience level and potential.

Why Play Percussion?

The benefits of learning a musical instrument are well researched. In particular, it provides a child with many skills that can be transferred to other subjects […]

Pushing the Sport Agenda

A Sporting Culture Australia is a country that highly values sport. The warm climate and the wide variety of sports on offer mean that many Australians […]

Should my Child Have a Go at Music?

Music isn’t a sport, it’s a study.   The big picture  I’ve been involved in school musicals, both growing up and as a professional. It is […]

Supporting your Child’s Musical Progress

It has become a well-known fact that learning a musical instrument provides many benefits to the educational development of children. There are many sources of information […]

Percussion Theatre – Thesis Abstract